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Risk of long pillows
Risk of long pillows

Risks of Keeping bed Pillow Too Long


How long days have you been using on your pillow? While you can’t keep in mind, it’s most likely been so extended.  The average person remains their pillow for more than three years, and more than half only put back their pillow and bedding when they observe it starts wearing out.


However should you put back your pillow much earlier? Replace your pillow every six months suggested by the Sleep to Live Institute in America, which might be a little bit invasive.


Also more reasonable way may be to use the folding test: Crease your pillow in half, and if it remains folded instead of springing back into form, it’s time to get a new one.  


Neck Problems and Dust Mites:


When you lie down to avoid neck pain, your pillow should, perfectly, fill the gap between your head and shoulders. While you remain your pillow long period, it will make flat, staying your head and neck without sufficient support night after night, and this could guide to pain and restless nights.


Keeping a pillow much long, the other major issue is a dust-mite plague. Dust mites are microscopic insects that feed on dead skin cells and prosper in warm, damp environments.


While you observe that your allergy symptoms are inferior in the morning, it could very well be because of dust mites in your pillow and bedding. Cleaning your pillow once a week in hot water will kill dust mites; therefore it’s a good thought to use these preventive strategies if you contain a dust-mite allergy.


You’ll require washing or freezing the whole pillow not just the pillow case. Rather you can also enshroud your pillows in a dust-proof cover, or decide a super wool pillow, that will be hypoallergenic and will keep away dust mites of course. Pillows made of wool are of course fire resistant and are free from insecure flame preventer.


Your Pillow Might Contain a Million Fungal Spores:


While researchers examined samples of pillows, which had been utilized anywhere from 1.5 to 20 years, they observed different thousand spores of fungus per gram of pillow, which indicates that one pillow could contain more than 1 million spores.


Pillows made from synthetic materials are inclined to have higher levels, which is another reason what for pillows prepared from natural wool are better.


Based on one of the study’s researchers, since you spend so many periods in close nearness to your pillow, fungus contamination could have health involvement.


Conclusion: Risks of keeping bed Pillow so long is a significant thing which is needed to consider seriously to get rid of its disadvantages adequately.